Customized Orthodontic Treatment


For more than 30 years, we at Michigan Orthdontic Specialists, have been servicing patients of all ages with quality care, exceptional customer service, and informed advice. Dr. James L. Souers and our dedicated staff are here for children and adults alike that need orthodontic services, be it traditional braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. Our commitment to stay knowledgeable of all the advancements in technology allow us to create customized orthodontic treatment.

Clear Braces

An attractive alternative is clear braces, at cost only slightly above traditional braces. All that can be seen is a thin wire running across the teeth. They are very popular among adults and are great as well for teens. They are every bit as effective as traditional braces.


Invisalign utilizes clear and smooth plastic aligners to move teeth. Every two weeks, you’ll start to wear a different aligner until your treatment is complete. The advantages to Invisalign are numerous for someone who wants to straighten their teeth but not let everyone else know. They are clear, so people will not notice unless you tell them, and because they are completely removable, it allows for normal brushing and eating habits. It is an extremely popular alternative choice for adults.

Six-month Orthodontics

This is an alternative specifically for adults who would like to correct their crooked teeth but are unwilling or unable to make the time commitment of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. This alternative can correct crooked teeth, but not functional or bite problems and is not as “perfect” or exact as a lengthier treatment. But the small time commitment can still make a drastic improvement. It works by using clear brackets to reshape the teeth. Because the time is reduced, so is the cost, which is another reason to consider it for alternative treatment. It is not for everyone, but it could before you.

If you’re ready to consider these options and see which may be best for you or your adolescent, call Michigan Orthodontic Specialists to set up an appointment for your completely free initial consultation where we can discuss your options in reference to treatment and finances. Feel free to call and ask questions at any time, but please know that we will need to take x-rays and perform an exam to know precisely how to guide you in making a decision.